Engagement Tools, Polls or Surveys?

When designing your webinars, what types of engagement do you consistently keep from one-webinar to another?

Have you seen some perform better over the other for a live webinar vs on-demand webinar?

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Hi @rhythm!

We use both polls and surveys.

For polls, I encourage 1-3 per webinar. I find that launching these during the webinar helps keep the audience engaged instead of just listening to someone speak at them. I’ve coached our presenters to say something to lead into the poll before launching it for anyone who may be multitasking. :wink: Since ON24 shows how many people have taken the poll as it’s being answered, it gives the presenter a visual indicator to say something like “Looks like half of you have responded and we’d love to get a few more”.

For the survey, we use this after the webinar is over. Originally, I only had the survey popping up at the end of the webinar. We got an “ok” response rate. I saw in a recent ON24 webinar the survey was open for the duration off to the side. I tried that and WOW. We have been getting more than double the responses!! I also mention it in our housekeeping script before we start (when talking about the UI and tools) as well as when we end. I also use the “highlight” option during the housekeeping script to help it standout more.

We are still working out the best reporting for our on-demand webinars so I can’t speak to that just yet. I’m curious if anyone else has thoughts though!

I hope that’s helpful!


We use both, Polls and surveys and one thing we have done in the past year or so was to use the engagement tools section within Elite studio to center the survey ( basically manually push the survey ) to the audience right when q and a was starting and we definitely saw an increase in engagement that way


@jaime.1 Thank you for such a great insight! Its so great to see you testing and seeing what works for you! Love that you give your presenters AND audience the headsup. Def going to implement that!

@vince.selasky That’s a clever push! Will have to try it out myself

We use all of the above - as part of content setting we agree what information we want to capture from the audience and try to ask at the most relevant time -
Do you want more information about this? What are your thoughts on that …? - We would use a poll to capture the information in the moment.

If it is a more general capture - how was the event as a whole etc we would do a survey that they can open whenever, highlighted when mentioned and that will appear on the closing page.

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